Anyone use Disney ringtones?


I have Cingular and would LOVE a Disney ringtone, but also don’t wanna be overcharged. So I figured I’d ask you lovely people and see what you have, and how you got it :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just got Edna from The Incredibles going, “Hello, this is Edna, what do you want?” THANKS SO MUCH WEDINDISNEY!! :flowers:


Hey Dementia, I just got a cingular phone. Where do you shop for ringtones at? Or do you not yet?


I have not used Cingular ringtones, but I did have some Disney ringtones through Verizon for a while…I had “Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me” and “A Spoonful of Sugar” and…um, a couple of others. They were GREAT! Sooooo worth the money to me. :wub:


not yet, because I is a cheapskate… always shopping for that deal :wink: And I know oftimes they try to rip you off. I’m not sure WHICH ringtone I want, just wanna check through some Disney ones where I don’t get ripped off :slight_smile:


Oh. I am looking at the Cingular store site now. Can you but ringtones from any site or just the phone brand’s site?


I dont know if you have seen this or not but. and put your mouse on disney direct and you will see disney mobil… Click on that and there is a whole bunch of ringtones and wallpaper etc…


Nope, I’ve not seen that yet. Off I go!!!
Thanks for the hook-up!!!


follows like the good imsomniac minion she is :blink:


I’m in canada with Telus, I downloaded A Dream is a Wish your heart makes…it was okay and then i got A Whole New World and it is SOOOOOOO awesome! Hopefully your phone companys ringtones are good too



That is the coolest ringtone I have EVER heard of! :eek:

Too bad I don’t have a cell phone right now. :dry:


I was on this site yesterday looking for new ringtones and I am also a cingular customer. This site directs you on how to access Cingular’s site to download ringtones. So I went to their website to look at the price, the polyphonic ringtones are $1.99 and there are about 50 or so to choose from. the good thing is the purchase can be added to your cingular bill rather than giving somesite your cc number. I think the days of absolutely free ringtones may be over. Hope this helps.


You know, the last time I went to WDW back in 2002, my younger brother was with us from NJ, on his first WDW trip. I remember talking to him at one point and starting to hear chickens clucking. I got VERY confused and started looking around. He laughed and pulled out his cellphone. I didn’t know you could have stuff OTHER than the polyphonic rings. I think the novelty of voice rings hasn’t worn off for me yet, so I’m going to be playing with Edna for a while (I don’t mind the $2.49 being charged to my phone)


On the site they have some cute Disney ones! Some of the songs sound weird on the preview, but I downloaded “Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride” and it sounds great!! I’ve had it on my phone for the longest time… I need to update, hehe. I think the best ones are the characters talking… they have Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Buzz, Woody, etc etc etc, a whole bunch of different characters. I think they’re all $2.49, but the voices might be cheaper, I can’t remember. I’m certainly willing to dish out a few bucks to have Mickey personally inform me that my phone is ringing. :laugh:


I’m on AT&T Wireless and my phone rings the Mickey Mouse Club theme song. I got it from the AT&T website for $1.99.


I got this bug after reading these posts. I was bummed that my phone could not get the Fantasmic music. But I did end up getting “I can go the distance” from Cingular which is one of my fav parts of Wishes so I was happy.


I’ve downloaded “several” Polyphonic Disney ringtones thru Cingular…One for each of my kids, (MickeyMouse Club, Be Our Guest, and Under the Sea - each their favorites) my mother in law (BibidiBobidi Boo), special friends (You’ve Got a Friend in Me), for general public (Small World) So we know exactly who’s calling before we even look at the Caller ID.
They are good, clear sounds - other people have fun listening to them - AND it makes you smile, as they play :wink:
Go to then Ringtones they run about $1.99 each. The first one I ordered came from Samsung Fun Club - it’s much more complicated there and they charge $2.49.
Fun! Fun!FUN!


Sprint’s not that technologically advanced yet—i think Sprint thinks that only people who like rap have their phones…bc that’s all they ever have


Yeah, my Cingular phone has all techno type rings. Nothing even close to metal!!! :angry:


Dont worry your not alone I have nextel and thats how it started… All they had was all rap songs YUKK And now they have slowly started to change and have been slowing adding new ones…

When I signed in on the disney site and somewhere in the middle of the page there was something that said if your phone carrier is not listed please let us know so I did…Need to add NEXTEL… We shall see what happens…


Good thanks… ive been looking for some for Nextel.