Anyone use this ticket broker?


I was checking around and found this site and their prices are very competitive. We are also AAA members, so I am kindof leaning toward buying my tickets from them.

I am trying to decide between PHP or PH passes. My kids are 9 and 6 and I dont know if we’ll go to the water parks or not. It seems like a lot to spend when there is a pool at the hotel (They are still impressed by that stuff. Thats all they remember from our previous vacations). I just dont want to get down there and wish I’d gotten the PHPs. :crying:


I have used afore mentioned site and had no problems.
Go with the PHP if you dont use the plus this trip it will still be good next trip. Better safe than sorry.


I’ve had four great experiences purchasing tix from For extra savings, if you subscribe to the Mousesavers newsletter, you become eligible for specials from Ticketmania.


So am I understanding that you can save your plus options and use them in the future?


I get the newsletter and I was looking at Ticketmania yesterday. They were a little higher than If I dont go with the plus options, I think I’ll go with AAA.