Anyone used Concierge Collection?


My parents are planning a trip to Ireland in 2010 and though they had hoped to use their 2009 banked points to trade in with RCI to a place in Ireland, the resort is all booked up. Not a huge deal as they knew it was a long shot and they will still make the trip as we have family over there they can stay with.

Anyway, Member Services suggested they might want to add a side trip to London onto their agenda and make use of the Concierge Collection at the Royal Garden Hotel so they are thinking of doing this. However, it is 64 points PER NIGHT. To me this seems like an enormous amount of points even for a supposedly 5 star experience. They were thinking of staying 3 nights which means they would use all their 2009 banked points and some of their 2010 points.

Has anyone used the Concierge Collection and found the hotels to be worthy of the super high per night point value? Thanks!