Anyone want Dec. 27th - 30th Port Orleans - Riverside?


I have a short trip booked for December 27th-30th at Port Orleans Riverside using my DVC points for the “Disney Collection.” Unfortunately I am unable to take this trip because I waited too long to buy airfare and there’s no way I can afford the $700/per ticket price now.

If you booked this room cash through Disney it is listing for $807. but I am willing to let my points/reservation go for $650. (OBO)

If anyone is interested please let me know ASAP because, if not, I will have to cancel the reservation ASAP (stinks cause these points had restrictions on them and I probably will lose them if I have to cancel :sad:)

I’s rather see someone who could use the already booked dates. Please private message me or email me ( if you are interested.



Wishy, so good to hear from you. Doesn’t airfare just stink lately? Here’s hoping someone can take you up on the reservation, or miraculously a cheap airfare comes your way.


Seriously! Thanks! :smile:


I wish we could go. We love that resort, but I just don’t have the money. That would be such a nice way to finish off a tough year.


Thank you guys. I was actually able to find a weekend in late January that we were able to switch the reservation to & found super cheap flights so we’re going. :smile: I had to keep the points in the “Disney Collection” instead of a DVC resort so we’re staying in a Pirate Suite at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Yay!


Glad it worked out for you, Jess.


Arrrgh, matey! :happy:


I’m glad to hear that you get to go. Good for you!


Congrats on making it work out. Enjoy the Mouse time. Sounds like you really need a good recharge.