Anyone want to attend a Pirates event with me?


My art gallery of choice away from WDW is the “Cel-ebration Gallery” in Red Bank, NJ. It’s a small shop downtown but they carry neary EVERY beautiful piece that you see in the WDW and DL galleries. They also carry all of the Disney Lenox peices, the Starlight Disney sculptures, the Walt Disney classics collection, MANY production cells, and of course all of the beautiful Disney giclees, prints, and lithographs.

I got an invitation to attend their “Pirate Party,” which is on Saturday, July 29th from 2-5pm. As you can see below there will be refreshments, giveaways, and it will be featuring art from Pirates of the Carribbean and Peter Pan.

I am DEFINATELY going, but I wanted to see if any locals wanted to go too? Val, Bali, my PA friends, any other NJ friends, Paula (we can go shopping afterwards:wink: hehe) or anyone for that matter?!?!?:mickey:


I should have included the galleries website…

CEL-EBRATION! Animation Art Gallery


I would love to but I wont be back from Assateague till the 30th


Wish, this looks so cool.
I am not sure what our schedule is I would have to check, but Nikki and I would love to… do you know what the cost is?


Wish!!! Yes, I want to go with you!!! I will PM you and see if the offer is still available!!!


As far as I know, it’s free!



I do not mind organizing a group of us if there are more than a couple people who want to go. As long as I have a solid number and can RSVP maybe by this weekend (when I go to pick up my [not so surprise] surprise birthday gift there on Saturday… uhh umm.) :tongue:


I will know later today.
But it you want to put Nikki and I down as tentative that is great.
Birthday gift… am I getting a birthday gift… 7/27… :slight_smile:


Wish, this sounds really good!
and ohhh soooo close to home! :wink:

If i dont have nothing going on, Iam IN!
I will let you know by the weekend! :happy:


I am goig to RSVP on Saturday when I go to the gallery, so if everyone lets me know by then, that would be GREAT :happy:


woohoo - are you planning to write a TR??? This is someplace my DD has always wanted to go (ever since she read Misty of Chincoteague).


OK friends, I am going to the gallery at 11am today and right now I am just RSVPing for three of us; me, Daniel, and MissDisney. Val or Dee, if you decide you want to go just PM me and we’ll figure out how we can all meet, etc. :happy: The gallery’s number is 732-842-8489, and ask for Nancy if you want to RSVP during the week sometime :smile:


Jess - with the Laskis I forget to reply. But we are free and I wile crazy around here call Nancy on Monday. I am so sorry, things have been just a little crazy around here.


this sounds like fun. i would like to go but i have to check with rob first. do we need tickets, too, to go to this event?


I may be in, but I’m still tentative. I’ll RSVP this week and keep you updated, Jess, on the status!


No, no tickets, you can just call and RSVP.


If we get any more DCers to come we may just fill the gallery ourselves, hehe! I am telling you, it’s TINY!! But totally adorable and fun! It will be a blast! Red Bank itself is a great little downtown area too, lots of shops and cafes.


Oh Jess, I called and got an answering machine.
The gallery is closed until Wed. but I left my RSVP on their machine along with my phone #


Rockin’! :biggrin:


Sounds like a fun time, but i’m a little to far south… sigh