Anyone watch The Evidence tonight


Anyone watch The Evidence tonight (after Lost)…any thoughts?

I love Orlando Jones, I think he’s a riot. The show has a good premise and has some potential…


Yeah I watched it. I thought it was pretty good.
I also think Orlando Jones is a riot.
The premise is okay but all I could think of is “who’s finger would be cut off?”
I definitley think I will be watching for at least a few episodes. I also wonder if the death of Jones’s partner’s wife will be involved allot?


darn!! I meant to watch that! :frowning:
It looked like an interesting idea, having all the evidence put out first. I’m excited to hear what other people thought of it. I’ll definitely watch next week!


I watched it and really wanted to like it, but I was a little let down–I felt sort of cheated by it–I was expecting more, I think. I will keep watching it though hoping the kinks get worked out.
My DH thought the tormented cop over his wife’s murder, set in San Francisco was old as it’s what’s happened to Monk, and I tend to agree. I hope that story line goes differently than I think it will.