Anyone...Romantic Escape @ Sea?


Has anyone done this package? There wasn’t too much info. on the honeymoon site. Also, which do you suggest for 1st time cruisers: 3,4, or 7-night? Thanks!


we did a three nigh first, and I could have stayed longer!
Last time we did a 4 night, and that extra day was wonderful just sailing in the ocean!
7 day next time!

BTW fist time cruising with Disney is the best, we did it for our first time, no matter what room type you are in, the cruise makes you feel like royalty, and just wait until you have and bring children. The Disney cruise line is the best afloat!

And enjoy Palo Resturant, the best food out there, if you can’t make up your mind, they bring you two entrees!



I’d recommend a 7-night cruise if you can swing it. In my opinion, you’ll be having so much fun and getting accustomed to the ship, you won’t want to leave after only 3 or 4 days.


I would love to try the cruise. Everyone I talk to just love it. Maybe in two years. First Christmas in WDW than Cruise.



We’ve taken the 4 day cruise twice - but both times they were added on to a 2 week vacation at WDW - so it was ok. But next time I’m definitely going for the 7 day. I think it would be wonderful. The ships are just so beautiful and relaxing.


We are doing the seven day Christmas Cruise this year, it will be our first cruise, can’t wait. :happy:


We’re doing the 4 day cruise, part of the 7 day land/sea vacation! My wife and I are going to be renewing our wedding vows aboard ship while docked in the Bahamas! :heart:
My twin 11 year old sons are going to be the “Best Men”! We are all really looking forward to it! If we really enjoy the cruise (which I’ve been told by quite a few folks here that we most certainly will!) we will do a full 7 day cruise next time! So if you can, go for the 7 day cruise! :mickey:


That is SO romantic!!!:wub: I’m so jealous, have a wonderful time!:heart:


Thank You EmpressJenny! Actually my sons got the ball rolling by asking us what it was like when we got married! So my wife and I decided to show our boys what the ceremony was like!


Thank you all for your thoughts! Amelia’s Man, congratulations!!


Thanks EGirl! we can’t wait! The days are starting to count down faster! :mickey: