Anything special on St Patricks Day?


Just wondering if WDW did anything special for St Patty’s Day since we will be there then.


We were there several years ago. Not much was going on, they gave the kids shamrock stickers. It was an AK day for us, so I’m not too sure about the other parks.
Hope you lots of fun. Great time of the year to go!


I think your best bet would be at the UK at EPCOT and at DTD at the Raglnd Road restaurant for any St.Pat’s day activities. I do know they have a HUGE party at Universal’s Pat O’Brien’s restaurant that runs about all day too.


thought EPCOT might be the best bet - I didnt think about Ragland Rd


I know they also have Mardi Gras running at Universal at that time of year too.


We were there one year for St Patrick’s Day and I think they gave out green and gold necklaces when we were there. I don’t remember them having a special parade or anything else going on for St. Patrick’s Day. But it’s been about 6 years…so it could just be my memory


Let us know what you find for St. Patrick’s Day. I usually go every year for President’s weekend but St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday in 2012 – and all Irish Tiggers want to celebrate the BIG day at the World!


I don’t recall them doing anything special for that day.


If you collect pins, they have a new dated St Patty’s day pin each year.


Hmmm. now a Happy Camper wants to know what the Fort looks like on St. Patrick’s Day…:wink: