Anything special with "grand gatherings"


My brother made his decision today about coming to disney. Sept 26 to Oct 2 He got a room at Music. So with him that makes us a “grand gathering”. We thought we were one before, but found out it has to be paying bodies. One yr old doesn’t count as a person unless sitting in a restaurant I guess. So anything special that is also free. :biggrin:


Hmmm… we did a grand gathering in 2005, and I’m sure that things have changed, but back then there really wasn’t a lot of freebies for grand gatherings. They made sure our rooms were close to each other, and they did a fabulous job of getting our huge party together in restaurants, even though they always told me that there was a possibility that we wouldn’t be seated together when I made the ADR. I think your eligible for special paid events like fireworks cruises when you’re a grand gathering, but, of course, they aren’t free.


I agree with missymouse. We did a grand gathering in December 2009. We did several of the meals, but there weren’t any free things offered that I remember. You get a special pin for each grand gathering meal you do. Not sure if I’d call that free…since you’re probably technically paying for it in your meal price. When we checked in, we all got family reunion buttons to wear, but I think that’s the only “free” thing we got.


Yeah, that’s what I thought. We are staying in three different resorts, so no deal with the rooms being close. We are only eating a few TS together, so nothing much there either. By the way I was able to a table for 9 at germany for 2 weeks from now. I was shocked.