AoA already vandaled


This really tics me off. :mad:
Granted as kids we may have made our mark here and there but always had respect for public property.

Vandal causes damage at new Disney resort |


Gah! I hate stupid people.


What is wrong with people? What kind of satisfaction do jerks like this get out of damaging property. Bah! It’s so frustrating!


Respect…we have lost respect…respect for others property, respect for other people…it’s so sad…


Dirt bag…big time. That’s who thinks this kinda of thing is acceptable…total dirty scum.


Seeing it was mentioned they believe it was a resort guest, I have a feeling they may already know who did it and dealt with them (isn’t there security cameras around?).


I hope they find who did this and ban them from WDW for the rest of their lives…


that’s what I think too. They usually don’t say things like that.
Unbelievable what some people have or don’t have in their heads/hearts


That is ridiculous…I just don’t get why people have to ruin things.


There is no excuse. Plain and simple None.


There are cams EVRYWHERE at WDW so I am sure they have photos and video of the person that did it.


Look…it may be a scumbag dirt bag…

But DS scratched his initials into the side of my brand new pick up truck when he was 5yo. So it MAY have been youthful stupidity and not deliberate vandalism.


It annoys me that someone would want to do something like that. Hopefully they were caught and had to face up to what they did. We were at AofA last month before Cars were officially opened. It’s so cute. I can’t wait to stay at the resort. The pool area is really great.


WOW… why can’t people just stop…


The caliber of people is just astonishing. Classy


very sorry i cant say what i would like to say and do with these people that have to do these things.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: