AofA & Animal Kingdom


What is the best way to get from Art Of Animation to the Animal kingdom Lodge? Also, has anyone ever had breakfast at Boma? Is it good?


Just stated in your other thread, Boma is awesome. The food choices are unbelievable. Something for everyone, and very tasty. I would recommend hopping on a bus to Animal Kingdom, and then on another bus to AKL. It only takes 5 minutes from AK to AKL. Remember though, Boma is at Jambo House so all buses drop everyone off at Kidani first and then to Jambo second (with the exception if you are coming from DTD, then reversed).


thank you for your help


Just got back from a week at Pop.
Your best bet is to drive.
Otherwise, you have to bus to AK and then get an AKL bus from there to AKL.

Beth, I haven’t taken a bus to or from AKL since they opened Kidani Village, but it makes more sense for the buses to all stop at Jambo first and continue to Kidani. But what do I know?


I can’t stand them dropping Kidani off first because we were so spoiled when it was only Jambo and that being the only stop. But, with Kidani not having a CS, I guess many people from there want to get over to Jambo for food at the Mara, so they made buses stop at Jambo second so Kidani guests can get off there. Then having DTD bus reversed (Jambo first), people are instructed to get back to Kidani, to hop on a DTD bus from Jambo. I don’t think the plan was working too well, as they have recently added a van that goes between the two resorts bringing guests back and forth.


At PO, they run the DTD bus in the opposite direction for the same reason.
The DTD bus is supposed to be the shuttle between resorts to return to POFQ from POR while all the rest hit FQ first and then continue to Riverside. Don’t know how they handle it when both resorts have their own park buses instead of sharing.