AOL Welcome Screen is offering DL tips


So here’s the link to the AOL Disneyland travel tips. Check it out and let us know how well you htink they did! Muahaha… I give it a B+ – of course here at MB, we get an A+ for knowing lots more!!! :laugh:

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The only one that I think is a must:

Tip 1: Give yourself a pre-park day to get acclimated.
Though it’s tempting to walk right off the flight and right on to Space Mountain, you’d be foolish to waste the beautiful opportunity to experience the fun but dramatic tension that ensues when you’re this close to the park, but can’t go in – which makes your entrée the following day that much sweeter. But on top of that, you’d miss all the great dining and shopping opportunities in Downtown Disney, the resort’s premiere shopping area with a unique collection of stores and eateries. Get some great smelly bath stuff at Basin, do some pre-Disney mania immersion in World of Disney, power up at Jamba Juice, catch a movie at the AMC theatres, and wrap things up with some video games at ESPN Zone. Or dinner at the Rainforest Café. Maybe some time at the House of Blues, too. In fact, you might want to skip the park and just spend all your time here!

Other than that, they were good tips, but we know more from mousebuzz…


The writer is wrong about one thing- breakfast at Carnation before rope drop. I’m sure it’s lovely, but a lot of the time the turnstiles don’t open until the park opens.


What a bad article…and shesh, if your going to talk ABOUT Disneyland - Show the right picture, not one from Walt Disney World…HONESTLY! hahahaha


There was a time where they would let you in for Main Street.

The Carnation Cafe was the only place to eat breakfast until the park “officially opened”…


But my point is that you can no longer expect to be let into the park- so why mention it in the article?

My experiences have been pretty random whether they stop you at the front gates or the end of Main Street. (Heavier expected crowd- open Main Street? I may have read something like that. But I don’t know.)


ooohhh wow those tips are pretty bad!! but then again it might be cause i know most already


Who does Carly think she’s kidding? Those might be good tips for a person who has never before heard of Disneyland.

The FP tips were horrible. It was difficult to understand, and I don’t think she had any idea of what she was talking about. I can maximize my FPs much better than that. I would FP all of those rides she said to wait in line for and wait in line for the rides that don’t have FPs.