AP benefits?


Hi does anyone have a Deluxe Annual Pass for Disneyland? I was just wondering what other perks they offer besides food, merchandise and hotel discounts. Things like priorty seating for Aladin or any other shows.



Nope. Nothing besides food, merchandise and hotel discounts.

In fact, be prepared, as the Deluxe Annual Pass has black out dates… :pinch:

And no free parking…


Here’s a link to the blackout dates. I plan on getting a Deluxe myself this year, and I’ve found these to be helpful. Depending on how long you’re going to be there, you’ll need to buy additional tickets for Saturdays (plus other days around holidays).

Disneyland Resort® - Annual Passholder Blockout Calendar

I’m not aware of any Priority Seating for any shows, even with the Premium APs. If you’re going to need parking, you can add it to the cost of your Deluxe APs; otherwise, you’ll have to pay for it separately when you arrive at the parks.


Thanks all,

I don’t have to worry about the blackout dates. I have all ready checked. Going June 2-June 6. We won’t need parking either, we aren’t renting a car for out there.



You also get discounts on tours and special AP Collectibles Offers . :smile:


I can’t access that page, I don’t have my AP yet. Probably won’t until June.

Thanks though!


Sorry here are pictures of the AP discount pages. :smile:






Thanks Ready!!