AP code for April/May


I don’t know the exact dates of the code but I just applied code EZN to my reservation at POR and save some money. My rate went from $155 a night to $119 a night, not great but it’s better than nothing. I called last night and was told AP rates were not out yet, this morning I used the code and book it.

Good luck!!!


That is better than nothing Steph! I got POR for march for $110, so 119 for May is not bad!! When are you going to be there?


Our dates are May 25th to June 3 right now. I think I will have to drop the last night so my DH can get home for his summer class. I’m just waiting for winter to end so I will know when we are out of school, snow days could cancel my whole trip.


I believe the dates for code EZN are April 23-June 3.


That’s about what I had heard. I read a rumor that the code would be good through June 1 but I didn’t ask when I had a chance this morning.


I just found this:

The discount code EZN is good from 4/23-6/3

Deluxe: $100 off
Moderates: $40 off
Value: $25 off


Well here’s some pixie dust so that doesn’t happen!!


That is great Dt! ( Still keeping my fingers crossed for general public discounts.) Where did you find the AP discounts?


I found the code while lurking on another Disney board.


Thanks, Nina. This is a surprise trip for Nathan’s birthday (May 31). We are usually in school until June 2 or 3 so if we are ever going to go this year is the year since we could get out of school May 22 if we don’t use any snow days. We haven’t used any snow days so far and I left a couple of days between the end of school and our trip just in case. The closer we get to spring the better I feel, this trip may actually happen!


I just applied the code to our CSR reservation and also booked a pool view at AKL just in case my travel party wants to upgrade (about $300 difference). Here’s hoping they do! :slight_smile:


Good for you, bali. I almost upgraded to WL but resisted. I really love WL but I want to try other resorts.


Wooooooooo Hooooooooooo…Mickey said 2/23, give or take a day. I’ve emailed him to get my ressie squared away. Thanks for the info!!


Well that is great news! And any discount is better than no discount! I think you will enjoy POR DT, we were so worried, and it turned out to be great. We really loved the mansions!


You are very welcome! I have been waiting all week for something to come out and it finally did.


I’m glad you liked it. We, I should say I, have had a hard time not moving over to BC or WL. I almost changed it this morning but held out. I really do want to try something different and POR looks beautiful.


I love WL, too. I wish a standard or Woods view room had been available at an AP discount–we’d have booked there instantly!

I did enjoy POR, though. It’s a beautiful resort and definitely worth staying at! Just to throw in my two cents, I loved the Alligator Bayou rooms–they had the same cozy feeling you get at WL!


I was so glad to hear that there were no standard rooms at WL, that sealed the deal for me and now I have no regrets about not changing over. I have looked at all the pictures on AllEars and thought both parts looked so beautiful. I think we’ll let Disney decide what section to put us in, I’m sure we’ll love either section and I can’t decide.


Me too! I was second guessing my decision to “downgrade” but now that I could only get a courtyard view at WL…I’m VERY happy with my decision. We picked POFQ and Mickey’s working on getting me switched over!! :biggrin:


So, POFQ wasn’t available and Mickey got me POR! Can’t wait!!