AP ? concerning ressies & check in date


I have a strange question. I need to make ressies in the future on a weekend where they MAY offer discounts or ap rates on room only ressies… I am just guessing, I have no news of this.

But, anyway, the weekend I want to book is actually a holiday weekend. I have noticed that most times in the past the Friday and Saturday of a holiday weekend are usually blocked out from the discounts.

My question: If I schedule my stay as Thursday, FRiday & SAturday (instead of Fri/Sat/Sun), would I get the discount room rate for both dates since my stay began on a non-blocked out date? Or do they charge lower rate for Thursday night and the higher rate for Friday & SAturday night?


Disney’s policy has always been that you are charged the rate that it is when you check in. For example, if you check in during value season you are charged that rate even if it goes up during your stay. So it should work. I would call and ask a CM to be sure or just ask when you are making your ressie. I would make the ressie now and then call back to add the AP discount when and if it becomes available.


Thank you for your quick reply Karliebug!