AP Dining Question


We are trying to decide if we want to buy an AP or not. So far we have enjoyed doing the disney dining and having all of that paid for before we leave home. All we have to do is show up and eat.

With an AP will we save enough to make it worth it? Will we still eat as well as we have with the dining plans? Do you get discounts at the character meals? We love doing those. Are there places where we can’t get the discount? Do they offer the dining package to AP holders?

Sorry so many questions but I want to make sure we are doing the right thing for us. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :mickey:


As an AP holder, you can purchase the Disney Dining Experience for $50. No, it’s not free and paid for before you leave home, but it is a 20% off almost all sit down restaurants at WDW and I think at the food courts in values because they don’t have sit down restaurants. We have purchased it for our trip nad we think it will pay for itself in about 2 -3 meals.


Where would you buy the AP?


Hello Melag. Welcome.
You can buy an AP right from Disney.


You can buy an AP online at the Disney Site.

The DDE also works at the POFQ food court. It was great and we paid for ours about halfway through the last trip, and this next trip is just gravy. Remeber, it is not just the food but all the other perks you get with being an AP holder.


The DDE is a great card, just remember it’s good only where indicated on the list of restaurants (sit down or fast food). It’s not good, for example, at the Pepper Market in the Coranado Springs Resort because the Pepper Market is not owned by Disney. Joe


I think the DDE is another reason that the AP is worth it. They changed the rules for DDE in the spring to make it possible for out of state AP’ers to get it.

We used it in June and we’ll be using it again this week.



I just bought the DDE card for my in laws thanks to the advice of the ever-so-knowing people here at DC. they will be down for 6 weeks, so they should really get good use out of it.

They also get lots of other perks with the AP, so If I could go more than once a year, I would get it.


I think the viability of buying an AP is based on how often you visit WDW. Because we go every chance we get, we’ve gotten our money’s worth and then some from our APs for the past two years. We also enjoy the ease of park hopping, knowing we don’t have to worry about hand stamps, calculating days, etc.

We got the DDE card in May and have used it for two week-long trips and will use it again this weekend. Because we tip 20%, the DDE card pretty much saves us all of our tips. We enjoy the savings, but they obviously don’t match up with the free dining plan. Our AP savings come from visiting the park frequently and from AP hotel discounts.

All the best to you in your decision!


We’ve actually decided, after using the DDE on our first trip and the dining plan on our next trip, that the dining plan is a better option for our family. (I do still get plenty of use out of my DDE for drinks! :wacko: ) It just depends on your family and how much and where you like to eat!!