AP discount released Oct-Dec 2011


Annual passholder discount released this afternoon for 10/3 thru 12/24. Code is F33.

Updated our Oct and Dec reservations tonight.


Thank you!! I guess I will be calling today!


I asked this in another thread, do similar discounts get released to non ap holders? We have friends already booked, missed out on the free dining because of the wacky skipping around of dates. Hoping to get them some kind of deal.


I didn’t expect them to release AP rates the same day as Free Dining! We were hoping for a standard Club level room at the Boardwalk for our October stay but could only get a Garden Suite for our dates. I knew there’d be limited availability at the Epcot resorts because of F&W but it was even more limited than I expected!


I got the AP rate for POR for my November trip. I love those discounts.


Hoping to book our trip in the next day or two.