Ap discounts tough to come by


I called on Thursday 26 Aug for my early fall reservation. 3 nites at the Beach Club. I had the reservation already made. First, it took 1 hour 15 minutes to get through and I called at 7:05am eastern time. I had to change to the Boardwalk (no problem, I love the Boardwalk), but I was stunned when I was told there were no more AP Discounts for standard rooms at the Beach Club for my reservation. Amazing. usually, I’d just hang up and call back, but not at that wait time. I had another reservation for a short 2 nite trip in late fall at the Yacht Club, and those Ap discounts were available.

Anyone else having problems getting AP discounts???



I had something like that too. I got the email on Wed telling me about the discounts and when I called all they could give me were resorts other then the ones the put in the letter. Here I thought I might get AKL or the Contemp, but they was full for reg. rooms. We ended up with POR. I am suprised they took the time to create that email when they had so few rooms at the resorts they were promoting in it. I had no problem getting WL for my trip next week.


It appears very few rooms are available for the AP/FL resident rate. Most of October, early November and Early December are horrible. I have had a much better time over Thanksgiving than during these times.

As a hint, the Fall and Holiday room only discounts pull from a different pool of discounted rooms, and I have had much better availability with those rates. You can always change it to an AP rate if one is available later on.



>>I had no problem getting WL for my trip next week.<<

We were at our condo in St. Pete for Charley. I called on Thurdsay, the day before Charley hit land and was able to get AP discounted rooms at the Boardwalk. I was thrilled. Amazed, but thrilled. The normal 80 minute trip took 3 1/2 hours. I expected the wait to be horrendous but I got through in about 5 minutes.



As an update, I spoke with a CM today who told me that they had yet to load all of the AP/FL rates into the computers, and to check back on Saturday or Monday. Good news for those still trying to get rates for the Fall of this year. I will let you know if I have any luck tomorrow.


I still think they blocked out times they shouldnt have…IE SSW


I can sort of understand blocking out Super Soap weekend,because it is very popular so they don’t need to have discounts then.


I think they would get more business. I’ve already heard from people who were counting on them. They make enough money that weekend that they could give people spending a ton of money to get there and who will be spending a ton of money while there a little bit of a break. Im going to be there before SSW so I got my rates, but still…for those who are traveling from out of state, etc…I think it would have been a nice gesture.


>>I spoke with a CM today who told me that they had yet to load all of the AP/FL rates into the computers<<

I kinda wondered about that, but since they had the Boardwalk AP’s, it was no big stretch for us to switch over to the BW from the Beach Club.



Hey,I understand what you mean now,Metalfan. I’m just shocked that I got a discount for the Night of Joy weekend. I never would have been able to do AKL without them.


I called about 8 am CT wednesday and got through but was on hold for a long time. Once I got a CM I got all the rooms I wanted at AP rate for Oct. and Nov. at CSR. Joe


When I called they told me they had lots of AP/FL rooms at the moderates, which is how we ended up with POR. I am still hoping that they will release more rooms at the deluxs but I will be happy with POR if they dont.


I was very surprised that the rates went thru Dec. 25th this year.


I was a bit shocked that it extended to Dec 25 as well. Since we are there the week before Christmas I am hoping this means that they are not expecting it to be busy that week!?!?!


I was able to lower my rate for my current PC stay, but no Delux resorts were available


I was able to change one of the ressies I had for the week I’m there for 2 rooms at a moderate, since I realized that sadly, there wasn’t enough room for the troupe of us at AKL – (Bunk beds just don’t seem appropriate for 4 adults!). I was hoping my sister & her husband could experience the deluxe trappings of AKL, but they couldn’t guarantee a room big enough, so I decided to get us two rooms at CBR instead. For some reason I thought the price seemed kind of high - but it shows how long it’s been since I haven’t used a discount. In reality, we ended up saving nearly 300 dollars, had we done this without the discount.
Not sure what year my head was living in, but I’ve been under the assumption that Values were 60, Mods were 80, and Deluxes started at 125 - without the discount. When I checked the real prices, I was pretty amazed to find that those are actually the DEALS, not the real prices.
Still, my sister thinks it sounds expensive. They’ve never stayed in WDW before (In fact, they last visited exactly 10 years from the date we’ll be there). Back then, we stayed off-site for about 40 a night. So, you’ve got to figure it’s not SO bad when your room is 100 a night inside the park only a decade later.