AP Discounts


Does anyone know of any way to get discounts on AP’s? I know you have to buy these direct from WDW so that eliminates ticket brokers.

Are there any discounts for AP’s for DVC members or for buying in advance? Or anything else?

Thanks. :flowers:


I think you are out of luck in this case. You have to pay the price wherever you get it. Once you have one, you can save money by renewing it each year instead of letting it lapse and then buying a new one, but there aren’t any discounts on getting one in the first place.


Thanks, karliebug. We are actually planning to go three times within 365 days to take advantage of the passes. I guess that I am getting a little greedy. :pirate:


As a fellow tightwad, er, I mean penny-pincher, I know where you are coming from. After all, better a penny left in my pocket rather than theirs. A little research on this site as well as others can save you hundreds of dollars. It is worth it, isn’t it??


Wow, three times in one year! And a DVC member!!


have fun!!


Yes, well its been a long hard road. I had to walk 10 miles to school each day, up hill, both ways…

Actually, we have been very lucky and my DW is a doll for tolerating my WDW craze. She is starting to get just as crazy about the place also!! :mickey:


My mother was very lucky when she got her first AP. The year she did get it,they were running a special where if I “bought” her pass,“I” would get 10 percent off the price. That worked out to essentially here getting her first pass for the FL res. renewal rate.