AP holders no longer 2nd class citizens!


Wow what do you know about that? :dry: I called WDW today to reserve my room for SWW 2006, and they informed me that due to the amount of complaints they received, passholders no longer have to book online to get their best rate! We’re now just as good as the full-paying customers again!


Yep, isn’t it great!!! You didn’t get quoted an AP discount for that period yet, did you?


Isn’t it nice!!! I’m thrilled!


Isn’t that great news? I can’t wait to book my May trip.


No, not yet. It’s $189 a moderate for 1 night on May 18th. I have my room on a courtesy hold for now, I’m hoping that they release the passholder rates in the next few weeks sometime.


Yes it’s great news. It’s wonderful when a comapany listens to it’s patrons .


I am so glad that they changed it back for you.


I’m glad they changed back for all of us !!! :tongue:


Me, too! We are going the first week in May and I’m hoping they release codes soon!


Also, very happy about this change. Waiting to book our May trip!!! :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


My AP expires on Saturday. I love that they are giving the room rates back to the APers, but I still won’t be renewing. I won’t be able to use it twice and I’m renting points vs going booking a resort the regular way, so it won’t make sense for me. Perhaps next time. Glad it’s back for all that can use it though. APers are the people who spend the most at WDW, as they go more often, and should definately get a few extra perks for it. Congrats all.


That’s right, that’s the time last year when we met! It would be great to do that again!:mickey:


I know! I was soooo excited when I heard this, it is in fact how I get to stay at POR for the same price i would have been staying at POP for ($79 dollars a night!) on my trip in a few weeks!


Pfff . . . I have no need for an AP since I live way up north and can only make the trip every few years. Now I gotta sit here and watch people rub it in. Booooo.


Just pack up a Uhaul and move on down! That’s what Pete and I did!


EJ – I was at the Disney Store yesterday, and I held one of those passes in my hand, and I wished I had any reason in the world to buy it… heck, I practically kissed it.

I want to live in Mount Dora or Wyndermere or someplace like that so I could go every weekend!


But you can! All you have to do is an internet search for apts in the town you want to live in, then do some house and job hunting and you’re set. That’s what Pete and I did 10 months ago!


OMG, what GREAT rate!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! :wink:


You make it sound so easy! I would love to more to Florida…


I live near Toronto, Canada, so no moving to Florida for me (although my husband still thinks he’s going to retire and become a Disney bus driver!). I do still buy myself an AP and use it for two trips, hotel discounts, DDE discount and the all-important 10% off at the World of Disney (with 3 DD’s that can add up pretty quickly). For some reason it also makes me feel special to be an AP holder - is that a little strange?