AP Price Hike


Just an FYI, The DLR AP’s will be going up in price (I believe they already did) and the block-out days will also be drawn out more through out the year instead of in massive blocks, to help ease some of the crowd surges. This was all in result to the over-expected AP purchases, the DLR AP Holders have reached over 800,000. Thats quite a lot if you ask me. Corporate changed a few things to help ease the continuous growing numbers of holders, in case anyone was wondering why this happened.


Wow. Never realized there were that many AP holders.

I first bought Premiums in December 2003 @ $200.00 each. Oh that I could have bought more w/out expiration dates…

I just picked up two in July for my heir apparent and myself. Going rate was $389.00 each. I almost picked up the ones w/blackout dates. Glad I didn’t.

As it stands, a one day Park Hopper is $94.00 per adult (ages 10+) Parking is another $12.00) :pinch:

I think our 8 days in July worked out to an average of $42.00 each. The Annual Passes are worth it even at that price, as a five day hopper equals around $43.00 per day and doesn’t include parking. :pirate:


Just went online. It appears that Premium Annual Passes are now ~ $429 each! :blink: