AP question in regards to Swan/Dolphin?


Does anybody know if you can get an AP discount towards rooms at the Swan and Dolphin?


They do sometimes have an AP rate. You have a better chance of getting an AAA discount or the All Ears Net special discount rate.

Swan and Dolphin Discount Rate Information


Thanks. I couldn’t remember if they ever offered ap rates for the Swan and Dolphin.


As Soundgod said, they offer AAA rates as well as AARP rates and all the standard stuff that a Westin or a Sheraton would offer if you were staying at one anywhere in the nation. Their best internet rates with the inability to cancel are their best rates, and can be right around the ballpark of the moderate resorts at WDW. Hope that helps too.


Thanks, it does. :happy:


Honestly, the Dolphin is the WDW hotel I’ve stayed at the most of all of them. It’s not 100% Disney, but they do have Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, and Showtime on their cable. About the only drawback is they don’t participate in the dining plan and they charge extra for self parking.


I know that ddoll is very fond of it as well. I am really thinking about trying it out. I love the location as well.


If you have ever been mean to swans or dolphins in the past you may not be able to get a special rate… :ph34r:

But when I strolled through back earlier in the summer I thought these hotels were all kinds of nice! :happy:


Ooh! When are you going? There’s a special Mousefest rate being offered.


I think there might be an entertainment book rate as well. There are discounts for teachers and nurses.


Not sure yet. But I am thinking end of November. Beginning of December seems pretty booked up already.:pinch:


We are staying at the Dolphin the first night of our trip. We opened an Starwood Amex and recieved 10,000 points, enough for a free stay. Good way to start the vacation.
We stayed there about 12 years ago, and had a wonderful room, we had two balconys and overlooked the lagoon and SE