AP question


Hey everyone. I have a question about getting an AP.
My mom got me a Seasonal Pass for my birthday in February thinking I could use it when I go to college in Orlando this summer. I would want to use it when I go up for summer term but it’s blocked out. I still have the SP voucher (I havent exchanged it yet), I was wondering if I can upgrade it to an AP when I go to turn in my voucher by just paying the difference. Anyone know?
Joe :mickey:


I think so…you’ll just have to go to guest services at the parks and switch it out!


You should be able to do that, Joe. Usually, Disney’s willing to upgrade anything you’ve got into something more expensive. Just give guest relations a quick call to verify.


Didn’t EmpressJenny just do this a few weeks ago?


Good point :laugh: lol
Joe :mickey:


Hey,Joe! When you get your pass,we’ll have to meet up some time.


The day I went to guest services to buy my season pass, they told me I couldn’t because we were in blackout. They offered me Magic Your Way tickets that I could later upgrade to APs, but I never actually had season passes, so I’m not sure. Essentially, we had no tickets when we got there, just bought APs instead.


heck yea! name the time and place, lol.
Joe :mickey: