AP rate for October. Decisions!


The AP rate was releases for October and I called. Couldn’t get beach or yacht club, no poly…so decided to try port Orleans French quarter, you guessed it. No! I could get riverside or bay towers. Oh and wilderness lodge.

Questions? Should I keep checking back for beach club? Will more open up?


I hear ya. I tried to get French Quarter and NOTHING! Seems like the ones I wanted were not available.


I would book Wilderness Lodge for the AP rate. You could then keep calling to see if they open more rooms for the discount but I wouldn’t count on it. Food and wine festival may be what either filled up Yacht and Beach Club or kept Disney from offering many discounted rooms.


I would definitely book Wilderness Lodge and like DT said - keep calling back. You never know when something might open up.


Another vote to book Wilderness in the meantime and keep checking back for Yacht or Beach, or Boardwalk for that matter, unless you must have the Stormalong Bay pool complex.

I’ve seen October availabilities open up 7-14 days out.


Another for booking WL and keep trying for another spot. At least you have the days you want. And WL is really nice.