Ap Rates Announced!


DIsney has released AP rates for the Oct-Dec time period.

Code FEX

Travel Dates 9/29-12/23

Value Season:
Value Resort $59
Moderate Resort $105
AKL std $145

Reg Season
Value Resort $79
Moderate Resort $124
AKL std $185

anything for 12/19 onward, goes to date based pricing.


Thank you for posting the prices.


AKL $145, not bad.


Thanks for posting this, you just saved me $170 on our Christmas trip. We could only use the rate on the first 3 nights but anything helps. I didn’t expect any type of discount for this trip so it was a nice surprise.

I asked the CM to prince WL with the discount for our 5 nights and it came out to $1957.xx, that averages out to $319 per night for a courtyard view.


Can I ask where you found the rates? I went into the passholders page and can’t find these dates… Thanks!


I saw it at Mousesavers after it was posted here.

MouseSavers.com - Disney World Resort Hotel Discount Codes & Deals


I called to modify my reservation. Boy am I disappointed! They said they do not have ANY passholder rates for ANY rooms at AKL. They said even though it said $145 on the info sites it doesnt mean it is available. The rep said that they closed over 200 rooms due to construction and noise and the rooms that are available disney did not discount. So then I had to decide…we pay $310 a night for a savannah w/bunk beds for a total of $697 (2 nights)…even though we are at the parks all day and do not go back to the resort until well after dark or we switch over to a moderate for $105 a night. The deluxe resorts available were the Beach Club and Saratoga and both were still over $250 a night. Just didnt seem reasonable to pay that much when you are not at the resort except to sleep and shower (although the beds are SO much better at the deluxe resorts). So the group opinion was to change to the Caribbean Beach resort so that is what I did …we got the passholder rate and the total is $236.26 for two night.

I am disappointed!! If it were just me, dh and ds I think we would have went ahead and paid the AKL rate. Oh well, next time…


I didn’t think a discount would be available for AKL. They have had to walk a lot of the guests to other resorts with the construction going on, so I didn’t think they would discount the remaining rooms at all. I know a lot of them have been coming to the Poly from the AKL.

But those AP rates aren’t too bad at all in my opinion. :happy:


Oh that is really a bummer. I was worried that would happen. AP rates don’t seem to be as readily available as they once were. :frown: I am sorry that AKL didn’t work out for you. But I am glad you were able to get a good rate at Carribean Beach. :happy:


all I can say is MAGICAL JOURNEYS!

I have been emailing with them and they could get me $145 at AKL. Unfortunately, now that we know more about the construction other members of the family are saying they do not even want to pay $145 with all that going on. The point of the weekend is for ds to be with his cousins so we will just stay at Caribbean Beach.

But next trip…we are cashing in our 770 plus disney points and staying someplace GOOOOOOOOOOD. lol


That’s a bummer. I’ll let you know if the same happens to me.


HOLD on one minute! You are telling me that I have a trip booked from 12/18-26 this year and NOW I have to pay rates for next year! I have it booked and I still am paying on it .

So if I have this right I am paying 18th, and 19th value and discounted , then another discount rate for the rest of my trip??? what does the rest of my trip fall under for the 20th-26th???
I better not have a higher priced trip now! if i do it may just get cancelled


Sorry, but I had no trouble to modify my existing ressie at the AKL. Saved $506.25! I ended up at $220 plus tax for pool view w/ bunk beds. And $75 dining gift card!


Changed my Rack rate at the YC/Garden View/Conc $435.00 to the AP Disc. rate of $365.00 (12/13 to 12/16/07) + when booking a Deluxe you get a $75.00 Disney Dining gift Card (Mod=$50 & Value=$25 gift cards). So…with the gift card and the AP Disc., I realized a savings. of $311.22, Incl the Gift Card. for a Per Night Savings of $103.74. the disc. is not as good as the summer disc. of $140 for Deluxe, but any savings is good, not to mention this Disc. is better than the Disney Visa Pkg. disc. YIPEEE for Disc.


Yeah! We are thinking about a short early December trip!


Wow, that’s great!! Did you do it yourself or through a travel agent?


My dates at POP weren’t included.:frown: I guess that first week in Dec will be busy cause there isn’t a discount. I was thinking what if I was to drop a day at the DVC and check in early at pop, but then I remembered our points are use them or lose them. Wouldn’t be saving money if we lost points.

Good luck to everyone else. I can already see DT figuring out ways to spend the money she saved. Hey, that should take care of all of Nate’s fries for the week. :laugh:


:laugh: You noticed he ate a lot of fries? I know it sounds bad but when we’re on vacation we’re on vacation and I don’t fight things like food. I want to enjoy eating too so I don’t fight it with him. You couldn’t tell from my trip report but he’s getting better about food in general. He’s worked hard this summer and tried a lot of new foods he wouldn’t have tried in the past. He found some he liked and is still eating.


Thanks, I did it myself!


Okay I had three reservations to modify first one 11/8 to 11/13 no dice next 12/19 to 12/21 WL Club floor, we can switch to beach club husband says no he wants the club floor savings is not that much and we have to switch rooms. Third one 12/21 to 12/27 Club floor Contemporary…score, we saved $528 dollars…I saved $620 in June with the AP so I guess in all the AP’s were worth it.