AP rates are in for Sept!


Annual Passholder Room-Only Discounts

Passholder discounts are currently available for check-ins for selected dates through 9/30/06.

Travel dates: 8/27/06-9/30/06 (may be blocked out at some resorts over Labor Day Weekend). Discounts are $20 per night off Value resorts, $45 per night off Moderate resorts and $75 per night off Deluxe and DVC resorts. Book by 9/30/06. Use code FAU.

Travel dates: 8/6/06-8/26/06. Discounts are $25 per night off Value resorts, $50 per night off Moderate resorts and $75 per night off Deluxe and DVC resorts. Book by 8/26/06. Use code EZY.

Travel dates: 6/20/06-8/5/06. Available only at Yacht Club, Beach Club, Boardwalk (starting at $189/night plus tax for a standard room) and at Old Key West and Saratoga Springs (starting at $159/night plus tax for a Studio). Book by 8/5/06. Use code EZU.

For phone bookings, no change or cancellation fee will be charged if you make your modification more than 5 days before arrival. You can also book online through the Annual Passholder web site, but for online bookings the change/cancellation deadline is 46 days – a real incentive to book by phone!


Thank you, thank you , thank you. I just called and save 35 more dollars.


I just called as well… my total went from $371 AAA to $331 BPN code, to $314 AP rate.

Not too shabby!


I don’t think I will be able to take advantage of these rates in September because I have already booked a stay with free dining at the end of September, and it appears it would be more $$$ to re-book room only plus dining. I guess I could if I did not do the free dining,but that is most of the fun!!! Eating whereever you want and not having to reach into the pocket at all.

But,my question is,(and I know ap rates are no guarantees), but historically are there other months between now and 3/29/06 that they offer low ap rates? What has been the lowest month historically for ap rates? Again, I know not to count on it, but might make plans for that time anyway.


I’m sure you mean 3/29/07,right? Historically,January into the weekend before President’s week has been the best time to get low rates. I paid 49 dollars plus tax for All Star Sports January 28th of this year. 3/29 is peak season,but they usually do have discounts,just not as good as January.


Oooh, yes, i did mean 3/29/07! That is when my AP pass expires, so I am trying to get in ALL the Disney’ing I can before it expires… When I got it in March, it was the first time I had been there in 10 years and I thought if I got an AP we’d use it several times and then be sick of going to WDW. But, instead, I am more addicted than ever to WDW. But I doubt we can renew due to cost…

January will be a great time to go, but I had kind of wanted to go for Labor Day too, but I know hubby would totally freak (not in a good way) if I scheduled two trips in one month. But there was a great deal at an area hotel for Saturday night and then these low rates I thought I might could stay at the Poly on Sunday… but, alas … :crying:


I called,and saved 9 dollars off the AAA rate at ASSports,but what really bummed me out is this was the first day that the AP rates were available for 9/8-9/10 and there was no availability for standard PC rooms!!(I know,whining is not attractive,but I would much rather stay at PC).


Same here…with a family of 5, we come out ahead with the free dining promotion rather than taking the AP room rate… though not sure if we figured out the cost saving on tix for the person carrying the AP (likely DH as he sometimes gets to visit WDW for conferences during the year).

Only 4 of the 5 of us are on the free dining plan as one of the kids is only 2 and it is for 3 and up… But we still come out ahead by about $20 a night…

It used to be an easy no brainer to take the AP room only rate… But I really like the dining plan and not having to worry about the cost of meals… I think we more than break even on what the dining plan would cost…


Oh yeah! During my last stay the four of us had dining plan for about $456 for 3 nights… At one table service alone (LC) our bill was $219 including tip!!! And another was $119 and the third was $124… so just between those three table service alone, it paid for the dining plan. So I consider all the counter services and snacks as free!

But I sure do hope they start let folks get the dining plan with AP room only ressies!!! That would sure make it easier!