AP Rates: change in policy?


Well, I’m on the phone waiting for Guest Services and I’m a little frustrated.

The AP rates ARE available and they’re pretty great : $131 for Contemp, $249 for GF.

BUT, and it’s a biggie, since I’m not planning on purchasing my APs until I go down, they’re telling me that they can’t make the reservation. My understanding is that typically, you only need to provide proof of having the AP once you get there.

I DON’T want to pay for the AP now, principally because I’ve been budgeting on paying for it in December. I can’t afford it now. And if I wait, then the AP room rates will be booked up and I won’t be able to afford the trip… :frown:


I love Guest Services!

I only have to buy ONE AP now. I can buy the other three in December!


I’ve often wondered about this. Do you have to activate the AP to book the AP rate?


Nope. You just have to purchase a voucher. So this one and the three I buy in December will all be activated on the same day.


Thanks! That helps with planning here too.


This is definately different. I booked our trip in May using an AP code and they never ask if I had one. They also did not ask for proof once I got to the resort. Also, we called about 3 weeks ago and booked AP rates for September and they never ask if I had a pass but gave me the rate.

Maybe this is something new or just the CM that you got.


I just booked a deluxe savannah room at the AKL lodge at AP rates, and they never asked me if I had an AP.

I hate it when the policies are inconsistently applied! Sorry that happened to you, MerlinMatt. :frowning: Now I’m nervous for my reservation . . . .


Well, maybe. It could be a training issue.

However, with the popularity of sites like DC, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they are trying to be more fair to folks who have already purchased the AP. I can understand that perspective, I just get annoyed when policies are changed mid-stream. :dry:


Well, then it looks like I’ll keep calling back until I get the answer that I want.

$300 is better than $1500, but $0 is WAY better. :wink:

I wouldn’t worry about the reservation, just be sure to have your APs when you check in, just to be sure.


My friend Dixie did not have activated AP’s when she checked in to POR … but she got the rate. They did have thier vouchers, but had not had a chance to Activate them. I have never been asked to show my AP’s when checking in, but always been prepared to show them :slight_smile:


We booked the AP rate for our recent trip, we had the voucher with us when we checked in, but they never even asked to see it


Is it wrong to tell a little white lie? :wink:

The CM asked me if I was an AP holder… and I said yes. But she didn’t ask me for the number or anything.

Then she asked how I heard about the booking code… so I fibbed again, telling her that I got an e-mail.

The reason she asked is that they’ve been absolutely swamped with calls all day long and wanted to know what the Marketing Department did to be so effective. She hadn’t had a meal break for her entire shift.


However, since I’m breaking it up (2 rooms for 2 nights at PC, 1 room for 2 nights at the Contemporary and 2 rooms for 3 nights at PC), I have a rather substantial deposit to put down within 2 weeks. :crying: Ah well… gotta take the good with the bad. :mickey:


To get the rate only one person needs an AP right?



Yup. And you really only need to present proof of the AP at check-in, although this is not consistently enforced.


right … they do not always ask for proof, I have never been asked :slight_smile:

Matt congrads!!! cant wait to hear your view of the contemp … I want to stay there so bad.



I’m so pumped and so are DW, DS and DD. No surprises this time, but we’re staying for 7 nights. It’ll be the longest vacation that we’ve EVER had as a family. The 2 nights in the Contemp will be in one room, so we’ll be a little cramped and no romance for DW and I, but having the monorail so close and being in the same building as Chef Mickey’s… we’re positively giddy!

The single drawback to resort jumping is the deposit. That’s kind of a bummer, but it’s ok. We’ll figure it out.

I was just reading about what they do for XMAS at Epcot. I’m so excited. :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


Does anyone have an idea when Ap rates will show up for early Dec???


They showed up on Wednesday and most were sold out by the end of the day. You may have missed the boat on this one. Check the front page here and call Disney right now.


That STINKS, We waited so long for Sept to show up, I though we would see Nov first, not the whole fall season.
The one extra day I need in Dec. is only offering suites. :angry:

Oh well…


It does stink. It’s not easy to get these rates.

I’ve been on hyper-alert for the last 3 weeks. I set up a recurring to-do on my PDA that reminds me to check for rates every other day. In addition, I set up a web-update reminder for the Mousesavers discount page. That way, each time they updated the page, I’d get an e-mail.

I consider myself to be fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to get the discount that I needed. Of course, I HAD to be that vigilant. I can’t afford to go without the discounts and I had already purchased plane tickets to get down there because of a sale that JetBlue was having a month ago.

I’m trying to get this bargain hunting thing down. I think I’m doing ok. Being a super geek has its advantages. :wink:


Oh I never thought of that! If you split between hotels, it’s more than one reservation, so of course you have to pay more than one deposit. I’ll have to keep that in mind!

Have a great trip!