AP renewal on line


If I renew my AP on line and set it to be picked up at will call, how long will Disney hold it? For instance if I new in Aug and don’t go until late Sep, is that to long???
Can I pick it up at any ticket window or is there only one will call window for AP renewal pick up??


Good question…I’m bumping this up to find the answer. Because I realized my expires end of Sept and my trip after that isn’t til Feb.


When I bought one by phone a few weeks ago, the CM was all set for me to pick it up in Dec. I felt better having something in my hand, so I paid the 4 bucks. So based on that, I would say “yes, 5 or 6 weeks would be no problem”. Not sure if you can go to any will call window, but I don’t see why not. They have you in the computer, it’s not like they have your ticket sitting on a table.


They do not print them until you turn in the voucher you get via email.


Cool, thanks for the info!


Well, I was able to get to WDW so I got it there. <g>