AP renewal question


Our AP’s expire on the last day of our upcoming trip, 9/30/06. DO AP’s still automatically renew themselves? I don’t want to tell Disnay I’m not renewing early in the trip & have them for some reason not work the remainder of the trip, but also don’t want to get stuck paying the $400+ for a renewal I won’t be using. But then, maybe we’d have to go back…


No, my understanding is that you have to manually renew them. If you are concerned, stop by guest services sometime during your stay and just make sure. Probably take 2 minutes of your time, and then you won’t need to worry about it at all.


I wish the renewal still worked as it did in the past when your renewed membership didn’t reactivate until your next trip instead of just rolling over as it does now. Of course, that’s one of the reasons I stopped renewing Universal. Let’s face it, they need new attractions and IOA is in serious need of another coaster!


You will get an offer in the mail to renew. You can also do it online before the pass expires, or at any parks guest services.


Thanks for the info!!