AP room discount question


Just curious… could we purchase an AP for my 7 year old DD and Magic Your Way tickets for DH and myself and get the AP discount rate for our room? It would save us about $100 per night on the room and the child AP is about $90 less than the adult. So, just looking for yet another way to save a buck! I’m thinking no way… but just have to ask. Anyone know?


A controversial question for certain, but I had a travel agent tell me a couple of years ago that you could, indeed, use a child’s AP for the room discount.

I’d call disney ticketing or speak to the manager of the resort you’re planning to stay at to check and double check about using the child’s AP. It seems like a practice Disney would catch onto and quickly create a policy against.


I think it changed to only work for an adult AP but I could be wrong. Again you only need 1 adult AP for it to work so your concept is right on.


I think the room has to be rack rate room in order for you to get the dining plan. If the room is purchased as an AP discount,you cannot get the dining plan.


Mickaholic I think you are correct about the dining plan. However, we’re considering WL with AP discount room and no dining plan vs. Pop Centruy at rack rate with dining plan. I’ve done LOTS of math, and the WL option is looking much better. I did price out the meals using menus from wdwig and the dining plan is a great value! We’d definately splurge and not worry about the budget as far as meals go. But we know and love the WL so… tough call!


Very tough call, dab! I stayed at WL in December and fell absolutely in love with it. We’re in a similar situation choosing between AKL pool view and Coronado Springs.


You must have an adult AP in order to get a AP discount. You cannot use a child’s AP to get the discount.


Thanks Mickey! I knew that was most likely the case but… didn’t hurt to ask!