AP/DVC Discounts for MNSSHP


Hi All
I have another question regarding DVC discounts. This time in regards to MNSSHP and how to purchase the tickets using DVC discounts. Can this be done at guest services or to it have to be done by MS. I would prefer just to go to guest services at DTD to purchase the tickets but I don’t know if I could. I am sure someone here will be able to help a newbie out!



I ordered our P&P tickets over the phone. In order to get the DVC discount I had to will call them and pick them up at guest services to prove I was a DVC member. I could have bought them at that window that day had I wanted to.

Some nights sell out so you may want to call and order them so you know you’ll have to tickets.


The discounts are for only certain nights generally. (Early and/or week nights.) These seem to the the same nights that the public can get pretty much the same discount for advance purchase most of the times.