Apparently it is official


“Star Tours II in 3D confirmed for 2011.”

D23 expo reports that a new Star Tours will be added in 2011. This is interesting, because I would have thought they would have waited until California Adventure’s projects were finished. All the more to be excited about in the future.


Just thought I would through this in there.
YouTube - Star Tours II


I was just reading about this on AOL news; looks great. Thanks for the link; Star Tours was in desperate need of an upgrade.


FINALLY!! :closedeye:




That seemed like such a cool expo. I loved what Vader said, “unacceptable! the emperor will not tolerate a opening later than 2011.” :laugh:

I don’t know about Jay’s comment when he said “we are going to do things with Star Tours that have never been done before in any theme park attraction at any theme park anywhere !” A 3D attraction??! :huh:


Boy. I know I can’t wait.


It’s looks SO much better! Can’t wait for it come out! It needed an upgrade though it’s still a very fun ride!


Now theres a great excuse to go back in 2011!!


I’ll be looking forward to the new video and make-over to come in '11 :smile:


Very, very cool!


Yep. Going to have to schedule ANOTHER trip!!! LOL. Boy, the kids are going to complain about that!!!


Season passes for 2011 is a must!!!


I love this ride and hope anything new added doesnt replace whats there but adds to it with the chance to ride to two or three places. My brother for some reason had never gone on this ride until last week with us and loved it, he said it was one of his favorite rides that day, i know its old but its still a great ride.


When the new video is put into use, I am sure the interior and exterior of the buildings and on-stage areas will get a complete facelift to up-grade and match the more current look of Star Wars while still keeping that awesome retro Star Wars design we all love.


My DS (6) will be thrilled. He’s a big Star Wars fan and tortures us to ride ST several times when we are in WDW.


I am so excited! Poor Star Tours has needed some TLC forever. :heart: I’m glad it’s getting this - it’s much deserved!! I can’t wait to check it out!


they updated wdw’s space mountain so it’s great they’re updating more things @ both parks


Yea, I watched a video of it, the improvements were very nice they made, still a bit disappointing though.


It is very nice. I think like Tim mentioned, I believe there can be more done to it, but it is still pretty cool though. It’s hard not to like Space Mountain. :slight_smile: