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Hello, I’m new here but I’ve been browsing for a while. I suppose that I should have put this in the questions thread and I’m sorry if it is redundant. I am applying to the college program and I was wondering if there are any tips that recruiters or current or past members could give me. Like many of you this experience would be a dream come true. I grew up in Southern California and at Disneyland. My Mom was cast member and I’ve always wanted to “follow in her footsteps” you could say. I’m a communication major at college and my dream job is to do public relations Disney. This is my only chance to apply because I’m a graduating senior. In order to graduate on time I could not afford to take time away from school. So, in short, does anyone have any advice for the interview, or even what skills I should stress in the application? I appreciate the help in advance! Thank you!


I have no tips, but wanted to welcome you to DC posting. There are a ton of CP people on here who will have some excellent tips for you. With any interview, being yourself and presenting yourself well is always important. The CPers on here will be able to help you with the rest. Good luck with the interview.


Thank you very much Dana :slight_smile:


Welcome to DC! I am currently an operations CP and having the time of my life here in Florida. So I am so excited that you want to apply because it’s such a great program.

As far as interviewing tips go, like Dana said, just relax and be yourself. The interviewers can always tell if you are trying to be someone you are not. Even though the interview is held on the phone, smile a lot because it will come out in your voice. And be honest in the interview. Don’t tell them that food and beverage would be your dream job if you know you will absolutely hate it. But above all, just stay calm, don’t be nervous because the interviewers are very nice (at least mine were), and relax.

Best of luck to you! :mickey:


Hey, WELCOME to Disney Central!
I’m leaving in 24 days to do the International Program for a year :biggrin: a bit different than the College Program but still a Disney interview…
What Dana said is basically right, just be yourself. Sell yourself and sell to them how much you are commited to Disney. For me, I want this program to just be the beginning, I want to work for Disney for the rest of my life, and I’m sure thats what they want to hear.

Sounds like you’re on the right track already, GOOD LUCK to you :wub: :smile:
…also this may be different for th US College Program, but for the International College Program you have to still be returning to school for a semester after the program. Just make sure when you call them or email them that it will still work out for you.


Thank you for your advice Gingita and Princess Tessa(congratulations on the International Program!) I have emailed the college program and you can participate the semester after you graduate, provided you are enrolled at the time of you interview. I would love to work in operations too. Thanks again for all you advice!


oh great!!! Well, good luck, I hope you get it, I’m going to have the year of my life, and Ginger already is :mickey:


well, my info is probably outdated, since i was a Cp’er in 97, and a campus rep in 98-99 but remember that if you REALLY just want to go, and dont care what work you will be doing (as was my case) sign up for Custodial or Food & Beverage. these are the hardest to cast for, since they “seem” less desirable. i was a F&B host and loved everyminute of it. i met lots of people, the work was easy (tedious and dirty, yes, but very easy) and my work location was very good about helping me to network with other departments and locations. i got to do Parade Audience Control quite often, and through this got to meet lots of folks in attractions, which helped when i wanted to get some “help” with long lines. plus, some of my friends who got attractions said they tired of asking “how many in your party” over and over, and giving the stock “the wait is XX minutes from here” answer. Actually, some of the happiest CP’ers i met were Custodial hosts, especially my roomate Shane. He basically walked around all day with a dustpan and little broom, answering questions about tomorrowland and the Magic Kingdom in general, and giving advice, directions and flirting with girls. he eventually was certified to rollerblade while working, and he REALLY had fun after that.

another thing- if you get a face to face interview (these used to be standard, now i hear you have to do a phone interview first) remember that disney has very strict appearance standards. a conservative haircut, clean shaven for guys, no heavy outlandish makeup or tons of jewelry for girls, professional business attire. I had shoulder length hair and a goatee when i interviewed. i had driven 3 hours to interview, so i wasnt about to let my appearance stop me! i took a pair of scissors and a razor into my interview. i started my interview by stating that i was well aware of disney apperance guidelines, and was willing to cut may hair and shave RIGHT NOW if my appearance would prevent me from serious consideration. i then showed a picture of my self when i was 10 years old riding in the front of a monorail. i told my parents that day that i wanted to work at WDW some day (actually i told my folks i would drive a monorail one day, but close enough). my folks laughed and said that it was unlikely, but i could try. i told the interviewer that i wanted to work there so that i could see myself in every one of those kids there.

these two things ( i was told) made me stand out, and were the main reason that i was chosen. i was alos told that if i had asked for attractions, i would have gotten that too!! i wish i had asked for Jungle Cruise, but im not dead yet, i’ll do that someday!!! I want to retire to Orlando someday, and be the world’s oldest Skipper!!!


Hey thanks for all the help! My interview is tomorrow morning, I am nervous but I think I am ready. I’m just going to be myself and let them know how much I want to participate in the program. Thanks again!


Smile alot :biggrin:


well, my interview was yesterday morning. I think it went well, but I can never tell on the phone. So I’ve got my fingers crossed, thanks again for the all the advice!


Which semester did you apply for. I am going for the Fall 2006 program, my role is merchandise. I feel like this fall is never going to get here. Good luck to you. I hope you get it!!! :mickey:


oooooh hope you hear back from your interview soon! Phone interviews are so nerve wracking!
Did they say how long it would take to hear back? I think they’re pretty good with the CP about getting back to you soon…
GOOD LUCK! Let us know (either way) as soon as you hear, how exciting!


I applied for the fall and said that I preferred the Fall Advantage program. Thanks for all the support, I will keep you updated. I should hear back in two weeks . . . its nervewracking already. I hope to be meeting you all soon! :slight_smile:


What roles did you apply for?


well, I pretty much agreed to do everything because I want to go so badly. But, my first choice is by far operations. That is what I really want to do. My other top choices were character attendent and then merchandise. ooooh, I’m so nervous!