Applied and waiting


I’ve applied for the cp, had my phone interview last friday, now I’m nervously waiting for a response. I’ve wondered if I’ll hear through email or snailmail first?


*~~’*~~‘I’m sending pixie dust you get good news soon*~'~*~'~’


I’m with you… I think Will Turner really needs his own AA at PoTC


Good luck! We’ve got some great CMs here on the boards–hope you join the ranks!


oooooh, good luck to you!


Sending Pixie Dust your way! :mickey:


Good luck, I will be hoping for you! I did the CP six years ago now ( I can’t believe it has been that long!) and it was one of the best things I ever did!


Ditto :smile:

Good Luck :smile:


:laugh: :laugh:
I almost took that line out today, haha!
Now I’m gonna double up on the pixie dust for you :happy: :pirate:



So, I’m totally lost on the Will Turner thing, but good luck!!!


Kip, I give you Will Turner :wub: (Orlando Bloom’s Character from POTC)


Oh… see, I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway. I didn’t see POTC… too many girly-looking men :pinch:


Thats awesome!!!
I’m leaving in 30 days to do the year-long Canadian International Program, Cultural Rep!

Let us know ASAP when you find out!
I have to wait soooo long after my interview, it was painful! hehe


AWESOME!!! Good luck. When will yoou hear back?


Best of luck to you! I am currently doing the college program and I absolutely love it here! What areas did you apply for?

And as far as your question…within a few days of the interview, I received an email thanking me for interviewing. Then you will receive a letter within a few weeks with an offer (or rejection). Mine took longer than normal (4 grueling weeks of waiting) since it got lost in the mail.


Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’ve applied for Hospitality, Attractions, and Merchandise. I am a Hospitality and Tourism major at Pellissippi State in Knoxville. Working for Disney has been my dream for a long time, so this year I went back to school to make this happen. I really want a career at Disney.


Sending loads of pixie dust your way!! Good luck!


Thats so awesome! I just got my Travel and Airline diploma in November, I think it’s a plus for working in WDW for sure!


Nice to meet you Tessa. My niece’s name is also Tessa. Not a name you hear very often.