AP,Resort and Dining plan questions


:wacko: OK…I’m so confused! Maybe you can clear this up for me. If you purchase an AP, I know you get discounts on the rooms, etc. But can you also book a Magic your way package with Dining plan too?!? Is it one or the other? I know you have to atleast get a one day pass to be eligible for the Dining Plan, so how does it work if it does at all?!?:wacko: See I told you I was confused:laugh:


Mickey could answer this best, but you can book a MYW package with park passes for only one day. You have to buy the DDP for the length (nights) of your package.

As an AP holder, you can also get the Disney Dining Experience as well (20% off food and beverages). I think this card costs around $50 and you only need one.


I know that if you buy a one day park park pass you can add the dining option as your reservation would then be considered an magic your way package of sorts. I am almost positive, but not 100% sure, that you can’t get the room disocunt and then add the dining plan. Definately contact mickey. He knows everything about this kind of stuff. I’m just going from what I thought I read, but I am almost certain you can’t have both.


Good point Dana, an AP room discount and maybe the DDE might be better way to go. (Unless they offer free dining again!)


Just to clarify, you can get a MYW package with the dining plan, but you will forgo any of the room discounts you may get with the AP. If you want the AP discount, it has to be a room only reservation, no park passes, no dining plan. If you want the dining plan, you must purchase the package. You can get discounts on the package, if they exist, but not AP discount. Unless there is something like free dining, I suggest just doing room only and getting the DDE, if you think that will save you money.


Thanks Mickey. I figured thats what it was…but its always worth checking. We are planning a couple trips this year and thought it might be worth getting an AP. But this most recent trip we took advantage of the FREE dining and I don’t want to miss out if they offer it again!:laugh:


Mickey, just thinking off the top of my head, but would this be possible for Mickeymotto? Since Disney only seems to have free dining in Aug/Sept (but of course nobody can see the future), can Mickeymotto take his MYW tickets for his upcoming trip near the end of the trip apply them toward an AP. He would still get the free food for this trip but save on the tickets for up coming trips.


Probably. One thing to remember is that if you have an AP, and purchase a pacakge that includes park passes to get the free dining or whatever, those park passes do not ever expire, if you don’t use any of the days. Many AP holders just purchase a one day park pass with the package, and then apply those to their AP renewal when the time comes.