April 6 to the 10th


hi everyone haven’t been on for awhile… things have been nutzy… we just booked our trip for April 6th to the 10th… historically how busy is this time. I know we will be running into Easter but will be leaving before Easter Sunday… we had planned on going again last week of September for the Halloween but this deal was too good to be missed[ i think}… and we will be down there anyway as our dd is moving to Tampa in April. how hot does it get i asked the travel agent and didn’t get much info… is this a good time to go? we are staying at Port Orleans thanks .


It’s still fairly warm the last week of September, but tolerable in my opinion. I am the one who has gone in Ausgust the last two years in a row, so my opinion on tolerable heat may vary from other’s opinion…lol


how is it in April?


We went at the end of April this pat year and it was so nice. It was warm and not to hot at all.


I will point out that April 6-10th is Spring Break in my little corner of Georgia (just outside the metro area), and very likely in a lot of the rest of GA as well. I don’t know what the impact on crowds is, but it can’t be good.


Our spring break is that week. I’m sure the weather is going to be very nice but the crowds are going to be higher than other weeks because it’s Easter week and a lot of schools are going to be out.


oops small mistake our days are really the third to the 10th. Im hoping we get a few days that arent too crowded. what do you all think… I know you said the 6th to the 10 is spring break… if we cancel we will have to put it off until end of September if we go at all. .


Touringplans.com lists those days as 7s (first two days) and 9s (rest of your vacation). Just have a plan and you will have a great time. It will be warm to hot, but not as bad as July/August!

We’ll be there from the 12th to the 18th.


thank you for your help


Even if the crowds are high you’re still at WDW. As long as you have a plan I think you’ll be fine. Make your ADRs and have a rough idea of what you’re doing each day you’ll be fine.


We were there the end of April and the temps were beautiful in the low 80’s and very little humidity!! It was warm enough for the waterparks!!


We are going in April aswell. Our dates are the 10th to the 26th. I know we run into Easter but what holidays are average is it just Good Friday and Easter Sunday or does the US get more days at easter?