April discounts


I know that I have asked before but I thought I would bring it up again. Has anyone heard or see any thing about upgrades, discounts or any thing for April? It would be nice to get something. I think last year they did free dining twice I know that doesn’t mean they will this year. We also missed the ticket upgrade. Disney be nice give us something! Thanks in advance for any info.

PS-Where’s Mickey!!! He hasn’t posted in awhile. No new nothing!


No, April is such a busy time there, not sure that there are many discounts for April. Good luck though.


Last year there was some sort of discount for April but I can’t remember what it was. I think it may have been good rates at some of the DVC resorts or something. I know there definitely was something though because I was starting to do research for my cousin’s April 2008 trip and was suprised to see discounts for that time period in 2007.


I think you can still get the 6 days for 1600.00 or something like that. Which includes tickets everyday


I think there are some blackout dates for that though.


My sis in law just called WDW and they are going to be releasing some dates, not sure when.