April or october


ok im obsessing again we had planned on going in October. early October but then the buy four get three free came up so then we thought April 3 DH b day to April 10th… but then we run into easter. which i assume means crowds and heat. we will be in Tampa in early April to take dd back to school. so we thought while we are in the neighborhood why not go see mickey… { he misses me why else would he offer free days lol} so opinions please … which would be better time to go … april or october… im looking for how crowded and how hot. i read the touring plans but im not sure i understand it … so I need opinions from my friends here are mousebuzz. ya know i trust your opinions more then anyone elses.


October…April is going to be packed!


October!!! No April! Ever!


I get hives when I think of my April trip:laugh:


I say October. April would seem pretty crowded. Aprils weather would be a bit cooler but I would go with October. In fact if i do a moms only trip,it would be in October.


thanks all. darn i was hoping you would all say April i was so looking forward to see the flower festival and just getting away early


keep in my what will be closed for Refurb.

for example: I am dying to get there when Typhoon Lagoon is open. Every time we’ve gone lately we’ve missed it. I think it closes 10/26 this year.

Also, the lovebugs come some time in april going into may I think. We had them bothering us when we visited on May 25, 2008.


oh yea those lovebugs are really annoying I would also say october. I personally like the halloween decorations than the flower festival


October. April is sooo busy…


October. The weather is great, you can go to MNSSHP, and the Food & Wine Festival is going on at Epcot… what is better than that?


April is just awful. I would definitely go in October though.