April Vacationers.........?


There seems to be several of us going in the second
half of April.:ohmy: Now, I am not the most sociable
guy around:ohmy: actually I am a grump!:laugh: But
I would be up for a photo opp!:happy: I will not be
responsible for broken cameras:laugh: What do you
folks think? Should we give it a try? Comments?
I thank you kindly!:happy: Our new dates are from
April 21-29


Sorry to say I won’t be there:crying: , but my b’day is April 22. Yell a happy birthday to me. Maybe I’ll hear it? Sure hope you get some buzzers together for that picture. Would love to see it.


I am up for it. I will be there the 19th - 26th.


Since this post died 5 days ago does that mean there aren’t other interested?


Lets just bump this up and see if anyone is interested.


I"ll be arriving April 27 or 1 week at Marriot Imperial Palms Resort. I may be intersted. Did you have a plan on where or when?