Aquarium of the Pacific


DH, DS (almost 3) and I are going to DLR next week. We were also thinking of going to the Aquarium. Has anyone been? How much time should we allow for it? We all love sea life, so I know DS will be entertained, but it still doesn’t take long for him to see something and be ready to go on to the next thing! Not sure if we should plan a whole day, or take advantage of our 1/2 day when we arrive in CA to see it. Any suggestions?


The aquarium isn’t too terribly big…as far as aquariums go, but if you like to linger in each area…it could take the better part of the day. They have the usual aquariums, otter, sea lions, turttle and shark area(with shark petting). Also have a place to feed nectar to birds. It could probably take at least half a day and then there is a cool shopping/dining area that you can visit to have lunch or dinner that is just across the way. Complete with Bubba Gumps and Gameworks. Don’t know if this helps…hope it does;)


Yes it did help! I started reading more about DCA, and we may spend our first 1/2 day there (with a little one, there’s not much that will take a lot of time). Then spend a day in the aquarium area. I figure we can always go to a beach with any extra time! Of course, I still have 7 days to go, so I can change my plans many times!


We went there a few trips ago. Honestly, we didn’t think it was too great. We thought it was kinda pricey for what you got.


I was kinda wondering about that. With our Disney package we got a $3 off coupon, so that helps. At least with the 2 of us (DS is free) that covers parking! DS and I went to the aquarium in SLC and I was MAD. It was ridiculously high priced for a room of fish…seriously, one room $7. So this has got to be better than that!


OUCH! :pinch: That is steep for one room of fish… And I bet they didn’t let you eat any either! :angry:

:tongue: :cool:

By the way, Bubba Gumps makes some tasty shrimp! Don’t just take mine Bubba’s, Forrest’s or Peppertink’s word for it, and give it a try sometime! :happy:


No, no eating. They did offer me a free pass after I e-mailed them about my horrible experience (there was more besides the lack of fish, but it’s a long story). My thought…I’ve already been there, why would I go back?! Honestly, we see more fish at Wal-Mart, granted they’re just goldfish, but DS is not even 3 so he doesn’t care!

So, Goof…what did you think about the Aquarium of the Pacific…or have you gone?