Aquatica - Approx. 240 photos (mine) from 3/8


In case anyone is interested. I had a GREAT time, it’s a beautiful park.

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nice photos will be staying right across the street from there this week


Nice photos! Thanks for sharing your experience. I had the opportunity to go on the pass holders preview day and now I’m sorry we didn’t go. I think we will do some time in April however.


I hope you do enjoy it when you go! I’m looking forward to heading back there in the near future.



Wow looks like a lot of FUN!!!


Wow, that’s looks like a very pretty, well organized, clean waterpark. I’m not a huge waterpark fan but this is definately one I’d love to try out one day.

That food pass IS a great deal; ESPECIALLY if you have hungry teenagers, etc. Cool! Thank you for sharing.

PS: any idea how much they charge to reserve one of those cabanas for a day?


The place looks amazing. They must have done a lot of spying at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, yet came up with something totally original.


The cabanas start at $150 for 4 people off-season (I’ve read that it’s more during peak).

I don’t know if it will stay very clean when busy, but hopefully! I am looking forward to going back just to have fun (I spent most of the day taking photos!)

I read today that the drinks are available all day with the food pass - so if that is the case, it’s a GREAT deal. I wish I’d done it.



Thanks for sharing your pictures. It looks like a place that my kids and DH would enjoy for a few hours of fun weather permitting on our Christmas trip.


You are welcome! Hopefully you get some mild weather during your trip. :slight_smile:



wow great pics makes me want to try it out


Looks like a colorful, fun park. I, too, like the food pass idea ~ very reasonable.


I hope the food pass price stays low (which I do think it is - if you can get two meals, and drinks/snacks out of it). :slight_smile:



Wow, thanks for all the pictures! The park looks really nice. :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting those photos Denise! You did an excellent job documenting: I feel like I’ve been there now (while remaining dry!).


Thanks for the pictures, looks like a great park!


That would have been torture for me to go to a water park on such a cold day and only be able to get my feet wet.

Thanks for the pics, though. The park looks wonderful and I’d love to see those beautiful black and white dolphins.


It looks really nice! I would love to check it out. Food pass is a great deal!


Great pictures- definitely on our list for next trip- thanks for sharing.


I pretty much remained dry too! :slight_smile: