Aquatica Review


Well I went to Aquatica today for the first time. I know several of you were questioning about how it is. Well, I’m here to tell you, not too shabby! Read on!

First off, having the park to yourself on an 85 degree heat day is always a huge plus. The brand new waterpark, across the street from big brother Sea World, has several new innovative ways to enjoy a water park that I’ve never seen before. 2 lazy rivers, really good slides, and not a gigantic park that requires a lot of walking. In fact, some attractions you have to swim to in order to get to.

Guess I should go ahead and get the slides out of the way. Not gonna lie, there’s really no thrill slides, so if that’s what you’re looking for, best head over to Blizzard. This water park is very laid back. Although it’s bustling with activity. Particularly the Dolphin slide. Upon reaching the bottom, the slide goes UNDER THE WATER of an aquarium by way of a crystal clear tube, thus allowing a quick glance of the wildlife as you slide by. But you gotta keep your eyes open or it’s gone in an instant, and that’s kind of hard to do with water gushing around you. Most slides are tube slides, so if tubing isn’t your thing, get used to it. The racer slides are the best and the biggest thrill.

There are 2 lazy rivers. Neither go around the park, but the slower one that requires a tube goes past a really neat fish aquarium, again giving a great illusion. The other, much faster “rapids” river, just gives a nice exciting trip around the bend.

There are also 2 wave pools, but only 1 was operational. Not avery big area at all, and the waves are OK but nothing big. Great for the kids though.

The kid zone is really amazing even for grown-ups. So much going around as you climb through a “water fort” of sorts.

That’s pretty much the park. Half the size of Blizzard and Typhoon, so you really have to slow down if you want to spend a whole day there. Some really great concepts for slides as well. Hope to see more in the future. I enjoyed myself. A few more thrills wouldn’t hurt, and it’s also kind of hard to swim against a current to get to some of the cool slides. So not as fun as Blizzard or Typhoon, but much better than Wet N’ Wild. Definitely worth checking out.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10 COWABUNGAS!


Thanks Rowdy, now I am anxious to check it out in April. Did you take any pics?


Unfortunately no. Kind of a spur of the moment trip today.


Well, with that said I definately can’t wait to check it out. I wonder if it will be too cold in Nov. this year when we return to go?


Rowdy, thanks for the review! It kind of sounds like the Atlantis in Paradise Island…the way the tubs go through the fish tanks!!! I LOVE it!!!


sounds cool! Thanks for the review!


what a great review- I think we will be sticking with Disney water parks when we go-


Thanks for the review, Rowdy!


After reading your post Rowdy I would really like to go visit. We love the Disney water parks, however, wet and wild has never appealed to us so we have never been. So its good to know there is an alternative to the two ‘big’ parks.


Aquatica looks fantastic. I have found this review and photo on allears
SeaWorld’s Waterpark Aquatica Opens for a Passport Members Sneek Peek (Linda Mac’s Orlando Adventures)

hope this helps you all.


Thanks for the review, Matt.


looks pretty cool! I liked seeing all those pics.