AR - staying at DW resort


Since we are staying at a Disney resort, I read that we can make all our dining plans for the entire vacation starting 180 days before the 1st day of our room reservation. IS this correct? Does that mean CRT and the GF - Pirate cruise?


CRT definitely. Not sure about the pirate cruise. Don’t you book that through Disney recreation? DisneyTeacher??


I would call and ask about the pirate cruise because I don’t really know how far out you can book it. Last year we booked it at 90 days but I thought I read after that that I could have booked it farther out than 90 days. Allears says 90 days but I’m not sure it that changed with the dining changes.


Ooh, what is the pirate cruise?


This site may have the pirate cruise listed:


The pirate cruises are for potty trained kids between the ages of 4 and 10. There is one at Grand Floridian, Beach Club, and a new one at Caribbean Beach Resort. Kids board a boat in search of treasure.

Here is some information

You can book the GF and BC pirate cruises by calling 1-407-WDW-Dine or the toll free number 1-877-939-3732. I have heard that you have to call CBR directly to book the new cruise there.