What do you have to say about Resort arcades?


I like the arcade next to Space Mountain the best.


DBF LOVES the acardes at the resorts…but I play a few rounds of speedball and then all my patience…and quarters are gone!


My son loves the arcades so “there go all my quarters.”


Not even a consideration. No way my kids would go there after we spent all the money on a Disney vacation. They can play video games at home.


I refuse to do anything at WDW that I can do at home – arcades (not that I even do them at home), Rainforest Cafe, McDonald’s, etc… . I like to spend every expensive minute doing things that are exclusive to WDW.


For me its a waste of time. Kids play enough at home.


I voted “we can do it while we’re waiting for dinner” because the only time I ever play in a Disney arcade is when I’m waiting for my PS time at 'Ohana…and by the way, the Star Wars game at the Poly stole a buck from me! :fork_off:


Whenever us boys are waiting for our ladies to get ready we are at the resort’s arcade. And with a 4 year old game freak it’s “how are we going to get him outta here!!”


We never go near them. If we want an arcade fix, we go to Disney Quest.


I love all three of the Star Wars games at every arcade (Trilogy, Starfighter, Podracer), but mainly Trilogy.


To us, [children no longer at home] it is akin to flushing multitudes of quarters down the toilet! :biggrin:


I like the arcade and I do it in my free time! :happy: