Are all character meals buffets?


Since my DD is now 10 and an adult according to WDW I’m trying to avoid buffets since we will have to pay the adult price for her. We are doing Hoop De Doo but she (and me too) really wants at least one character meal. Are there any Character meals that are not buffets?

And if not which one would you recommend?

We’ve done Chef Mickey’s, CRT, Storybook, Tusker House, and 1900 Park Fare (Dinner). Her favorites of these were Storybook and Tusker House. (Actually Liberty Tree Inn was our favorite. :crying:)


Ohana for breakfast is a sit-down meal, served family style, with Lilo and Stitch. The Garden Grill in The Land Pavillion with Chip 'n Dale is a sit-down restaurant, as well.


Cinderella’s Royal Table for dinner is NOT a Buffet style.
My DW and I personally enjoyed 1900 Park Fare for dinner…PRIME RIB!
Our DD loved hanging out with Cinderella and the Prince at 1900 PF too.
…oops almost forgot the wicked stepsisters… they were also great!


Akershus is half and half


We have DD-15 and DD-12 We go to WDW every year and our favorite breakfast with characters is Crystal Palace in MK. Pooh, Piglet, Eeore and Tigger are there. They give a huge variety and my yougest can be picky and she wants to keep going back. I wish they would have a junior price, kids that age usually do not eat as much as an adult.


Exactly my 10 year doesn’t eat nearly as much as a 15-16 year old.

We had an ADR at Crystal Palace this last trip but it was so crazy at check in and we couldn’t hear any names begin classed that we gave up and went somewhere else.


Ninermouse, a couple of good site’s that we use are and for menus and info!
Have fun planning!


Akershus (the Princess dinner in Norway) is a sit down restaraunt with plated entrees but theyre is a traditional Norweigan cheese and salad bar which is served buffet style. But for the most part its sit down.

Cinderella’s Royal Table is sit down non buffet.

Ohana is family styled but served at your table.

I think Liberty Tree Tavern is also non buffet styled, but I’m not positive on that! We’re eating there for our first time this Feb! :]


We loved Liberty Tree but it’s not a character meal anymore.
Thanks for the info.


[QUOTE=NinerMouse;1014197]We loved Liberty Tree but it’s not a character meal anymore.
Thanks for the info.[/QUOTE]

I believe it’s being used as a character meal while Crystal Palace is closed, once CP is reopened the characters will be gone again.:crying:


Niner Mouse did yiou check in for your ADR at the checkin station. They give you a beeper to let you know when your table is ready.


We did but it was so crazy, they were out of beepers or they weren’t working, I don’t remember exactly, so they were calling names and it was total chaos.

But it turned out fine; we went somewhere else and had a great meal. I don’t remember where it was though.

Oh and will CP be open this August? I’d love to go back to Liberty Tree if it’s a character meal then.


I think CP is scheduled to reopen in mid-February.


NinerMouse, if you’re looking for what I think you may be looking for, which is maybe a character meal that doesn’t have the same price tag as the buffets do??? then no I don’t think there are any. If you do find one let me know as I will also have a picky 10yr old going this summer that wants to see some characters and I cringe at the thought of paying $25 for her to eat a plate of scrambled eggs and 1 slice of bacon on top of already paying adult price for her to enter the park:ohmy: What we do for our babies though…


Mickeybug – You are exactly right about what I’m looking for and I don’t think there is an option.

I’m pretty sure even at the sit down meals that are served family style we will still be paying adult prices for our 10 year olds. She’s lobbying for Tusker House and Princess Storybook both for breakfast.


All character meals are not buffets, but they are all “set price” meaning adult and child price. If you are looking to save a little, do the character breakfasts. They are cheaper than the dinners.


[QUOTE=NinerMouse;1014197]We loved Liberty Tree but it’s not a character meal anymore.
Thanks for the info.[/QUOTE]

I just made reservations for it for the 7th of Feburary and they confirmed it as a character dinner with Pluto, Minnie and Chip & Dale!


Good for you, we really liked the food and the character interaction when we went in 2008. I wish it would still be going for our August visit. My DH isn’t big on buffets so this was perfect for us.
Have fun!