Are Character Dining Pictures included in the Pre-paid PhotoPass?


When you are using the Photopass does that include the pictures that are taken at character dining spots (CRT, Chef Mickey’s, etc…)? Sorry guys…I know there are a lot of Photopass questions, but inquiring minds wanna know.:blush: :blush: :blush:


We were not given a PhotoPass option at Chef Mickey’s last month. We had to buy the pictures they took before we were seated right then or pass on them.

We did get to put Test Track photos on our PhotoPass card. There was a slot under the picture to slide our card in to load the picture.


I remember when we were at CRT they let us use our photopass, but we got a photo with cindy as part of the package.


Dont remember being offered PhotoPass at any Character Dining…


I am thinking that would be kind of chaotic in a restaurant with a bunch of photographers running around in there. The servers would be impeded, don’t you think?


Hmmmm…anyone know what other rides allow you to use PhotoPass card?

True…I was thinking more about the restaurants that already do a photo prior to dining.


If I remember correctly Test Track is the only attraction right now that offers photopass.


Test Track is the only ride offering photopass right now. We were told this last Sunday that they are using it as a test case right now. If it works out well they will add photopass to the other rides to!


That would be really great. It would make the prepaid photopass a no brainer.



It would be GREAT if they used Photopass . . . cuz they only take one or two and then they print the one they feel is the best and try to sell it right then and there at the table . . . I think if they took a bunch on the photopass . . . more people would buy, if they had more choices?