Are disney china pins tradeable?


just found out that the pins I bought on ebay are disney china pins. are these ok to trade? thanks!

the seller told me i can dispute it and cancel the sale (just won last night). should i?


Our Disney pins say made in China so you sould be good.


I found these two guides to be VERY helpful…

eBay Guides - Hidden Truths about Disney Pins

eBay Guides - FAKE DISNEY PINS 101


the seller says that lots of people have reported that they were able to trade them with no problems. i don’t want to do anything wrong, but at the same time, i’m in crunch time and want pins to trade (cheap)! ugh!!

i may keep them but am a little leary!


oh, i posted that after i read your post wish! hmmm…so i bet these are scappers, huh?


double post - sorry!

btw - that just stinks!!


If they say Disney/China on the back you should be OK . . . the “TRUE/CRAZY” (in a good way) Pin Traders are at DTD mostly . . . once in the parks, most CMs are happy to trade . . . and most traders (kids under 11) go for what they like . . . collectors know the ones worth something and go for them.

How many times I’ve purchased limited edition/1st run pins off ebay and my kids have traded them away!! But . . . it’s their collections . . . so I let them do the collecting!! :happy: