Are Fast Passes difficult now or easier?


We were able to order Disney tickets through my husbands work at a discounted rate. I am pretty sure they will be the hard tickets with the RFID in them. I have been reading up on the Fast Passes and it seems pretty straight forward but I do have a few questions:

  1. Can I sign up on My Disney Experience and link all 4 cards (how many in our family) OR does each individual have to do it?

  2. Do we each get three FP per day?

  3. Is there anything I am missing?

Thank you!!


You will be able to like all in one Disney Experience link, Yes you get 3 per day and once those are used you can get more for that day. Are you staying on property? IF you are you can also try to talk to concierge about getting an additional 3 special fast passes that are on top of the 3 you can reserve these can be used on all but a few rides and attractions at anytime during the day without any specific timeā€¦ You can also purchase a magic band and at the guess services they can transfer your hard ticket to the magic band for you if you would like. I also heard they have made some changes to the new system you can check these out online. If you are staying onsite you can book fast passes 60 days out if you are staying offsite you can book them at 30 days out.


We will be staying off-site in the Disney Springs area. Thanks!!