Are Late Check Outs Allowed?


We’ll be staying at CSR in June. On our last day our limo doesn’t pick us up until 4pm. We want to get to MK early that day and have character breakfast at Crystal Palace, to SM, BTNRR, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, and whatever else we can fit in for the morning. Would then love to head back to resort for a final dip in the pool before meeting limo ride at 4pm for a 6:30 flight. But, checkout is at 11am. Do they ever allow a late checkout? Or can we check out very early and then have bell hop bring our luggage to main building and hold it? Is that safe to do? But then, if we swim in pool we’d probably want to shower and change. HELP! Is this a good plan for our final day?


When you check out you can have bell services hold your luggage for you, we do that all the time. I think occasionally they will let you check out a little later,say 1:00 if the hotel isn’t totally booked. You could pack your swimsuits and a change of clothes in a backpack or carryon and ask for it when you get back to the resort or take it with you and stow it in a locker at the MK.


You can request a late check-out but it’s not guaranteed. It depends on how full the resort is. I have already requested one for our Dec. trip because our flight does not leave until the evening.
Bell services will hold your luggage for the day. Bring anything you think you would need for the day into the park with you and just rent a locker.
The shower is a tough one the best I can come up with is rinsing off in the fresh water showers by the pool.


There are probably showers in the bathroom by the pool, there were at POFQ, they looked nice and they had a curtained area for changing.


I never requested a late check-out but I have had them hold my luggage and it was always fine!


We always go back to the pool for one last dip before leaving for the airport. And seeing as we normally go during the summer, late check out is not an option.

We wear our swimsuits under our clothes on the last day and keep underwear with us. We change in the restrooms and stow the wet swimsuits in a ziplock and stuff them into a suitcase before we leave.


Great ideas…thanks! Question…I may bring my laptop- will it be safe being held with the rest of the luggage? Or maybe they offer the service to put valuables in a “safe” until we return to get our luggage and meet our ride. I guess I’d best call the resort to find out about this question.


You would be amazed what a kind CM can do for you! You might ask them if it is possible – hey, you never know if they might be able to make it happen!


We did this in June! It was a great way to end our stay!

When our flight leaves late in the day, we do what Wish does. Just have bell services keep our luggage till its time to leave. I didn’t even know that late check out was an option.