Are Passholders treated well by Disney?


I’m curious about how many Annual Passholders out there think Disney doesn’t offer them enough perks for their loyalty or think what benefits there are seem to be steadily declining. In the same vein, I’m curious if non-Passholders think APers are just a bunch of whiny babies.

As a Passholder for many years, I’ve seen perks discontinued, but there don’t ever seem to be any added. For example, there used to be special Passholder lounges in Epcot and Animal Kingdom that no longer exist. Passholders also used to be able to get priority seating at the annual Eat to the Beat and Flower Power concerts at Epcot. That, too, has been discontinued.

And, the number of Passholder special events – like the now-defunct preview of the Osborne Lights – has diminished, too.


Park Hopper, let me be the first to vote. I totally agree with you. As an AP of many years, I have seen things taken away, but nothing added. I really enjoy Disney and have high expectations of them because of their treatment of guests. However, I selected not to renew my AP this time. Not enough trips to make it worth the expense and not enough perks to entice me to buy it without the multiple trips. If they offered more perks, I would buy the AP even if I wasn’t going enough times to offset the cost. I really enjoyed the AP Lounge in Epcot. That was very nice.

Remember when you could get discounts at almost all DTD shops?


I’ve been a passholder for two years and I’m pleased with the benefits. I wasn’t happy about the recent resort discount changes, but, truth is, I’ve used the new system twice now and everything is working swimmingly. The Disney Dining Experience discount has also been beneficial.


I have Busch Gardens passes and feel that Busch gives more back to pass holders.

I get 10% off ANY food or beverage purchase, free preferred parking, discounts in all shops. PLUS the pass is PLASTIC not the stupid paper thing Disney puts out.

Does it make any sense that the voucher that you exchange is plastic, and single use passes such as MVMCP are plastic, but this card that’s supposed to last a year in the parks with water rides etc is paper?

My BG passport is now 2 years old and it’s just starting to wear out.


I was an AP holder this year and have decided not to renew it. The discounts are not what they were and I won’t be making more than one trip in a years time again, so they just aren’t worth it to me anymore. Disney seems like they are catering to the package people and I’m afraid that is the way I’m going to have to go for now…unless something else changes. I have until the 21st of January to decide if I want to renew or not.


I’m a passholder and I enjoy all the benefits. We use them coupled with our DVC benefits and we get quite a nice package. The DDE has been great. IT has already paid for itself on the last trip and this trip will just be gravy. We can also make another trip before May, and save even more on AP discounts. We already have 10 days on the APs and will be adding 7 more in Dec. We love it, but then again we’ve only had it for less than a year. It’s worth it to lil brer just for the pins and the t-shirts for her pal Mickey. The pal Mickey was supposed to be discounted as well, but a group of rude CMs (including the store manager) at the store in WL helped us get it for free when I notified the manager of their nasty attitude about that particular discount. I was right and they were wrong and AP services let them know it.

It does not pay to argue with me and make lil brer cry. Can you say Mom on the warpath?


Yes, the AP lounge in Epcot was wonderful, and yes, I do remember being able to get discounts at DTD stores other than World of Disney.


Mine is for DL and it is so worth it! I have saved so much money on food and we have gone way more times because we had the passes. I love the store discounts too.


The flimsy AP that WDW uses is pretty annoying. DW and I each go through at least three every year.


The voucher you exchange is plastic? mine wasn’t. I do think it is strange though that other tickets for Disney are plastic (MVMCP and MNSSHP and the old park hoppers, etc.) and the passes for passholders isn’t. Who do we write to about this strange set of circumstances?


I didn’t renew my AP this year due to the ever decreasing benefits. I do much better booking the Swan with a nurse discount and making my own arrangements.


I don’t have a whole lot to complain about other than the tremendous rise in cost of my Premium AP in the last year! :eek:

The benefits are pretty good, but I do wish there was more magic to it… :wink:


We bought our ap’s solely because we received $100.00 off by being DVC members - but I honestly can’t see too much difference in the benefits in either of them. I hate to be whiney too, but over the years, Disney has really been cutting back, and I think regular visitors are beginning to take notice. I love Disney, but sometimes I see things that really annoy me. Today, for instance, I was eating outside of Earl of Sandwich, right by that little carousel. And I noticed that it was $2.00 per ride. Now, for heaven’s sake, with all Disney’s money, couldn’t they let little kids ride the carousel free of charge? Their parents are probably paying out big bucks in the stores and restaurants of the Marketplace, couldn’t the carousel be free. Just a nice gesture. It’s those little things that really bug me.


Those are the kind of things that bug us too!


Yep things are going down hill for AP holders, I don’t like the new AP rate program.


I love having an AP, but I have been a bit bummed about the new AP discount program. It just doesn’t feel like that much of a deal to stay on site sometimes.


I did not renew my AP, but only because the dates of my trips would limit me to only getting one trip on the AP. I think if you go more than twice a year, the AP is well worth it, but the days of it being a good deal for one or two trips are gone. When I first bought my APs it was to save money on the hotel as well as to have tickets paid for in advance for two trips. With all the other benefits it saved us alot. Now I think I would only buy one AP to get the hotel discount unless the packages were offered at a price I couldn’t turn down (or free dining comes around again!).


The minute they rescind free parking is the minute I go to seasonal passholder. I’ll park at the resorts and ride the buses to the parks.


I’ve been to WDW 6 times over the past 25 years, with 4 of those trips in the last 8 years. An AP was never beneficial due to my lack of more than one annual trip, but this year I got one based on a good discount to the AKL. That discount, plus the discounted admission to MNSSHP and the water parks made it a good investment. Outside of that, I can’t see the benefit of having one if you don’t go on more than one trip a year.

Also, I’ve checked the rates on rooms a couple to times on the new AP rate program, and there has always been some discount. This has varied from aroudn 25% off to about 5% off (If I just had the time and money to go back!). This seems to be a change from the past when discounts weren’t always available for those holding an AP.

Since I never was able to take advantage of the things that are now missing, I guess I’m not the right person to comment. But I do feel I got a good deal with my AP this time around. Next trip (maybe December, 2007?), I will probably go with the Magic Your Way pass. This is mainly due to the fact that after staying at AKL, I decided I prefer CBR (even though the rate I paid at AKL was less than the normal rate at CBR).


We have been A.P. holders for the last 6 years, and the reasons for staying have been getting less and less every year (while the cost goes up and up!!!). Even though we go twice a year, me thinks we will not be renewing next May.